Are we on a bleak to fulfil the prophecies of World War III and ruin


WORLD War 3 tensions have never been so palpable as the world’s superpowers lock horns over the Syrian civil war. But has a mysterious prophecy about world war III warned us of this exact scenario playing out?

A US-led coalition launched a strike on chemical weapons factories on Saturday in retaliation for an alleged gas attack on the city of Douma which led to many coming forward and taking sides

NORTH KOREA’s leader Kim Jong-un has spoken out in support of Syrian dictator Bashar Assad challenging the trio of UK, France and the USA by accusing all three of trying to “whitewash their action” following the successful strike in Syria.
Supreme powers coming together forming alliance, taking sides and locking horns over the Syrian Civil War. Is this how the World War Begins? Is this the beginning of an end?


RUSSIAN warships and military vehicles have been spotted on their way to Syria after a US-led airstrike took out three suspected chemical weapons sites in Damascus, raising fears as the world anticipates Vladimir Putin’s response.

The prophet of doom said: “As far as World War 3 goes, it will happen. It’s likely we’re going to see Damascus destroyed first and that could be due to escalations in the current conflict or things further down the line between Israel and Iran and Syria.
We know the Bible says that Syria’s capital Damascus will be destroyed and of course you’ve got the Islamic State and others who have tried to destroy Damascus as far as Syria goes.

“As far as World War Three, yes, it is going to come. Is it World War Three right now with what the US, Britain and France did to Syria? We will have to wait and watch.”