Best summer drinks to beat the heat


With the rise in temperature, we need to find out ways to keep ourselves cool. Here are few drinks that will help to cope up with the scorching heat.


Coconut water:

This one is a natural coolant. It is rich in nutrients and has multiple vitamins, minerals and phytochemicals that are ideal for human health. The primary nutrient in it is Potassium.


Mango Lassi:

Mouthwatering drink that can be made more beneficial with the addition of honey to it. One can also use plain Lassi to drink.


Aam panna:

This one is prepared with mangoes and mint leaves. This drink is very effective against heat strokes.



This is prepared by mixing few spoons of Yoghurt and mixed with water. It is blended well to gain uniformity. It can also be mixed with cumin powder, pepper, ginger, curry leaves and coriander leaves to enhance its therapeutic effects.


Fruit Smoothies:

This can be made by mixing some fruits of your choice with yoghurt. Ice cubes can also be added.


Lassi with Rooh Afza:


Another quick top make drink is to mix few spoons of curd with rooh afza and blend it in a mixy. It gives a yummy taste!!!!

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