The world is a weird yet wonderful place. It has a lot to offer. With out-of this-world medical science advancements, plastic surgery and numerous beauty products becoming another person is now a lot easier than ever. We sometimes fail to judge who became who! The transition from men to women or women to men these days is so flawless that we cannot even imagine that it ever happened. There are countless such transitions that can or rather has impressed everyone in a much different way that leaves us scratching our head and questioning our own self ‘how could this be possible’?

Here are 10 most beautiful women we cheer out, unaware of their journey who lived most of their lives as men, hiding somewhere till they gathered the courage to come out of hiding and face the world, walking confidently like they have always been at heart and lead a successful career as artists, models and activists. Here we go:

1. Caroline Cossey –

Born as man, this English model and actress was known to millions as Bond girl Tula when she appeared in the James Bond film For Your Eyes Only. She became a rage and was in demand as a model. In 1991, she became the first Trans woman to pose for Playboy. No doubt, she had an unhappy childhood, where she suffered confusing feelings and bullying by peers due to her femininity. However, after years of struggle, Caroline underwent various hormonal and psychological treatment, breast augmentation surgery and legally changing her name, Cossey established her existence as a woman concealing her past living as a man. Today, Cossey has an active social life as a woman, released her first autobiography I Am a Woman and has appeared in top magazines such as the Australian Vogue and Harper’s Bazaar.

2. Caitlyn Jenner –

Formerly known as Bruce, Caitlyn is a gold medal-winning track star who set a world record in the decathlon at the 1976 Summer Olympics. Born in Mount Kisco, New York, Jenner had dyslexia and struggled in school but found success in sports. Following his Olympic success in 1976, Jenner has remained in the public eye through endorsements, speaking engagements, TV appearances and other outlets. Jenner has appeared with his family on the popular reality show Keeping Up with the Kardashians and later revealed in a Diane Sawyer interview that he is transgender and identifies as female. In June 2015, Jenner announced on Twitter that she is a woman, now known as Caitlyn. After announcing she was transgender, Jenner made her first public appearance at the ESPY Awards in Los Angeles, where she received the Arthur Ashe Award for Courage. The award, which is named after tennis legend Arthur Ashe and recognizes individuals who “transcend sports,” was previously awarded to prominent figures including Muhammad Ali, Billie Jean King and Nelson Mandela, among others.

3. Laverne Cox –

A two-time Emmy-nominated actress and Emmy-winning producer, best known for her ground breaking role of Sophia Burset on the critically acclaimed Netflix original series “Orange is The New Black”, Laverne is an American actress and LGBT advocate. In 2015, she became the first openly transgender person to have a wax figure of herself at Madame Tussauds. Born in Alabama, she too had a tough childhood and grew up poor and working class. She endured relentless homophobic bullying, taunts and harrasment as a child, with other children at school calling her names such as “sissy” and “faggot”, as well as being chased home from school. At 11, she attempted suicide but fortunately saved. That is all history now and at present, Cox is a trailblazer.

4. Isis King –

Originally, from PG County, Maryland, and currently residing in Los Angeles, Isis is an American model, actress, and fashion designer. She was a contestant on both the eleventh cycle and the seventeenth cycle of the reality television show America’s Next Top Model. King has an associate degree in design and illustration from the Art Institute of Philadelphia. Often referred as “transgender” or “transsexual”, or “gay”, King began hormone replacement therapy in the summer of 2007, as part of her transitioning process. She later had sex reassignment surgery in 2009, which she stated on America’s Next Top Model: All-Stars.

5. Jenna Talackova –

Born 25 years ago as a boy, Talackova became an international news story when she competed in the Miss Universe Canada pageant in 2012, but disqualified because she was not born a woman. She fought back and took on pageant king Donald Trump who later backed off. Talackova ended up in Miss Universe Canada’s final 12. Very adventurous by nature, Jenna was born and raised in Vancouver, British Columbia. She experienced gender dysphoria beginning in early childhood, and began her gender transition at age 14. Talackova is currently a student of holistic nutrition.

6. Fallon Fox –

“The queen of swords”, as known by many, Fallon Fox is the first openly transgender fighter in MMA (Mixed Martial arts) history. Fallon was born as a boy but always felt like a woman in mind, body, and soul. She recalls struggling with her gender as early as five or six years old. Fox continued living as a heterosexual male and married her then-girlfriend at the age of 19, when the latter became pregnant with their daughter. Fox then joined the US Navy to support her new family, serving as an operations specialist on the USS Enterprise. In 2006, she travelled to Bangkok, Thailand to undergo gender reassignment surgery, breast augmentation, and hair transplant surgeries at the Bangkok National Hospital.

7. Jazz Jennings –

This 17-year-old transgender girl is an American YouTube personality, spokesmodel, television personality, and LGBT rights activist. Born in South Florida to Jewish parents Greg and Jeanette, Jenna was diagnosed with gender dysphoria at age of three. Jennings has an older sister, Ari, and two older brothers, twins Sander and Griffen. Her story has been covered by national television shows 20/20[6][14] and The Rosie Show,[15] where she appeared alongside Chaz Bono. In 2007, Jennings and her parents founded TransKids Purple Rainbow Foundation to assist transgender youth. She had gender confirmation surgery in June 2018.

8. Sirapassorn Atthayakorn –

Sirapassorn aka Sammy is a Thai transsexual model who won the crown of Miss International Queen 2011 during a pageant held in Pattaya. Talking about her early life, she knew from the beginning that she wanted to be a girl. She was supported by family to an extent even she can’t describe in words.

9. Nikkiey Chawla –

A life with plenty of drama, action, thrill, and a fair amount of comedy, India’s First Transsexual Model Nikkiey Chawla had experienced all. Born into a Punjabi family, she was a boy at birth. Soon enough she realised that she was a woman trapped in a man’s body. After finally convincing her parents in 2008, she transitioned from male to female, and ever since, there has been no looking back. She has walked the ramp on Indian and international runways, and has even been a part of reality shows on television and the web. She successfully runs Makeover Brigade by Nikkiey Chawla.

10. Rimal Ali –

Hailing from conservative Pakistan, this Transgender icon is a skilled dancer and a highly visible face of the Pakistani transgender community. She also featured in a music video for Pakistani band Soch in 2017. Moreover, Ali made her cinematic debut as one of the leads in “Love in 7 Days” (“7 Din Mohabbat In”). To describe in few words, Rimal is bold, blunt, and beautiful. With a degree from Punjab University, Rimal struggled a lot but finally made her name.

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