Community fridges in Bengaluru and Chennai serving dual advantages- Hunger and Food waste problem solved


Image credit:Indian Express

Hunger and food wastage are another set of problems that really need some attention. This problem has been panned out by installing community fridges by certain people. Chennai’s Dr Issa Fathima Jasmine came out with a brilliant idea of storing the food. In August 2017, the 35-year-old orthodontist opened up the first public fridge called ‘Ayyamittu Unn’. Within months, this initiative was adopted at three more locations in Chennai and one in Bangalore that has been filling the hunger cravings of around 400 needy people. People are also allowed to keep books, clothes, stationaries in order to be used by some needy.

Issa Fathima Jasmine is the managing trustee of “The Public Foundation” which runs these fridges in both the cities. Talking to The Logical Indian, she said, “I thought of this idea in February 2017. However, it took me six months to talk to the local corporation body and launch my initiative officially.” She was earlier looking at private properties to install the fridges. However, that did not work out as she had hoped. This initiative could not be launched alone and she required aid from the corporation.

These fridges are mostly installed in residential areas where the donors are expected to follow certain guidelines like- Not to donate stale food, no milk packets and non-vegetarian foods. The fridge is guarded by the security who keeps a tap on the quality of the food.

We highly appreciate such efforts and encourage other people as well to contribute towards such noble cause!