Did Pakistani flag waved at Congress rally in Karnataka as claimed on social media?


A video circulated on social media claims that the Pakistani flag was waved at a rally of the Congress party in Tumkur, Karnataka. In the video, a green-coloured flag with a crescent and star can be seen. This video has been shared earlier on social media as well.

The video has also been shared on Facebook, mostly by individual users. The message accompanying the video is not just in English but also in Kannada.

Not the flag of Pakistan

This claim was shared earlier in 2018 as well, ahead of the Karnataka assembly election. It has already beendebunked by Alt News. The green-coloured flag seen in the video is not the Pakistani flag. It is in fact the banner of the Indian Union Muslim League (IUML), a political party based in Kerala.

There are clear and visible differences between the IUML banner and the Pakistani national flag. The two have been juxtaposed below for comparison.

The ‘Pakistan flag’ bogey is raised every time elections are on the anvil. Earlier in May 2018, ahead of the Karnataka assembly election, the same video had been circulated with the same narrative. Recently, it was falsely claimed that the Pakistani flag was waved at a victory rally of the Congress party in Rajasthan.


Source: Altnews