Drunk Telangana Youth eating live chicken gone Viral


Too much alcohol may lead a man loose his sanity and turn into savage. Recent episode where a live chicken became the prey of two drunk youth has been doing rounds on the internet. This was shot live by one of the passerby and shared on social media. Since then it has been creating uproars over internet.

The youths had purchased chicken for their meal but it seems the craving for eating it somehow surpassed their control limits and they decided to eat it live!!

Their inebriated state made them take such a cruel step. One of them after waking up felt belly burning owing to hunger so he started to rip off feathers and flesh from live chicken and started to consume it.

This incident has made the police stand on their toes and they are on their way to search these culprits. These youths have been booked under the charges of ‘animal cruelty and indecent behavior in public”.