Finally, Jaish al-Islam and Russia strike a deal

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So, the latest progress in the eastern Ghouta is an agreement between Jaish al Islam and Russia.

The reconciliation reached between Jaish al-Islam and Russia is expected to see fighters pack up to northern Syria. After the alleged chemical attack, Jaish al Islam decided to leave its holdout in Douma. This is evident from the statement issued by Al Jazeera.

“According to people who helped negotiate this agreement, Jaish alIslam has agreed with the Russian forces to begin evacuating with their families, as well as anyone else who wants to leave,” Al Jazeera’s Natasha Ghoneim, reporting from Amman, said.


Under this treaty, Russian forces will take control in Douma to keep Syrian forces out of their way, added Ghoneim. Russian news agency RIA, citing a security source, stated that Jaish alIslam fighters will evacuate Douma in two batches in the coming hours.


A deal was also reported earlier in the day by Syria’s official news agency SANA, which cited a government source stating that the agreement would see “the departure of all so-called Jaish al-Islam terrorists to Jarablus within 48 hours”. In response, Jaish al-Islam would set free hostages it had been holding, the source said, according to SANA.


We sincerely pray and hope for peaceful life for the people of Syria!!


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