Foods for consumption before workouts


To maintain physical fitness and enhance overall health and wellness, we all head towards

At first, due to enthusiasm, our aims are at higher levels and in haste we adjudge to
start workouts without giving thought to the important foods that should be consumed in order to
keep the body running in a better pace. These foods act as fuel to our body. Not only foods, body
needs to be hydrated with right fluids as well as these are also of paramount importance. These
foods need to be consumed in adequate amount and at the right time, (better if eaten an hour
before workout) for maintaining glucose equilibrium in the body. So, what are these foods? Let’s
have a quick look on these:


These fruits are reservoir of carbohydrates. When consumed, these carbohydrates are broken
down to sugar by natural digestion process and eventually these sugars provide energy to the

Boiled egg White:

It is a rich source of protein which prevents muscle catabolism. By consuming a good source of
protein before a workout, you can give your body the amino acids (branched-chain amino acids
in particular) that it needs to curtail muscle breakdown, whilst aiding in recovery of the muscle
and its growth.
This is again a wonderful source of carbohydrate which imparts energy to the muscles. It
stabilizes blood sugar during the workout process. So eat a cup of oatmeal at least an hour prior
the workout and enhance your performance.
Dry Fruits:
These are packages of instant energy. They do have a lot of sugar but this would not be a
drawback if you are working out as these sugars give you instant energy. They have easily
digestible carbohydrates and proteins.
Chia Seeds:
Chia seeds are a powerhouse of omega-3 fatty acids. They help in controlling sugar cravings and
thus aid in weight loss.



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