Longest Sea Bridge- the Mega Project


Proclaimed as the most astonishing project, the world’s largest bridge hooked between Hong
Kong, Macau and mainland China, incorporates a snaking road crossing and an underwater
tunnel. The amount of steel used in its construction is equivalent enough to the building of 60
Eiffel Towers!!!! Huge!!

Thanks to the Chinese government who coordinated its preview this week and a glance of it was
captured. Its construction began 9 years before on the 55 km crossing.
The bridge will connect Hong Kong to the southern Chinese city of Zhuhai and the enclave of
Macau, cutting across the waters of the Pearl River Estuary.

This huge linkage is expected to serve for 120 years. The opening date has not been finalized yet.
It shall enhance business performances by shortening the travel time by 60 percent.
The 420,000 tonnes of steel used for the project represent 60 times the amount used in the Eiffel
Tower, China’s official Xinhua news agency said.

Gao Xinglin, the bridge’s project planning manager, said the construction of the 6.7-kilometre
underwater tunnel made him go sleepless for nights.
“There were many nights where I couldn’t fall asleep, because there were too many difficulties
during the construction,” Gao told reporters Wednesday.
“Linking the 80,000-tonne pipes under the sea with watertight technology was the most
challenging,” he added.

Looks like the megaproject would pave way for huge success.