Mohamed Salah responsible for the feud in the stadium??


The sport these days is taken as a mode of conveying hatred and showing down on others when it comes to certain group of fans. These fans are passionate or I would rather term them as “lunatic” who cross their ethical boundaries and are weak enough to take their game sportingly. Well this is very upsetting. The recent dispute that took place in the Etihad stadium is a live example of it.

Mohd Salah and Liverpool put a thrilling end to the game against Manchester City. Mohd Salah’s achievement of goal did not go down well with the fans of Manchester City who actually attacked Liverpool fans after they cheered for their team. This has been confirmed by a video that was posted by a British football fan on Tuesday.

Rebekah Parker who posted the video on Twitter said: “This is what happens when you’re a Liverpool fan in the City family stand and you cheer when you score. What have I just witnessed?”

The video has been viewed over 500,000 times since she shared it, and it has been retweeted almost 2,800 times and liked 3,500 times.

Her post aroused a flurry of reaction with many suggesting that the man should not have been sat in the City section to begin with.






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