New Planet discovered- India Joins the Elite class


India has joined an elite club in terms of science after the epiphany of a new planet. This new planet is found to have a radius six times that of the earth. This planet has been found around the Sun like star that revolves around the star in 19.5 days. The credit of its discovery goes to the team led by Abhijit Chakraborty of the Ahmedabad-based Physical Research Laboratory.

The mass of the planet had been determined using the indigenously designed ‘PRL Advance Radial-velocity Abu-sky Search’ (PARAS) spectrograph, integrated with a 1.2m telescope at PRL’s Gurushikhar Observatory in Mount Abu. Isro said very few such spectrographs exist around the world (mostly in the US and Europe) that can do such precise measurements.

This planet has size ranging between that of Saturn and Neptune. It is 600 light years away from Earth. The surface temperature of this planet is recorded as 600 °C as it is very close to the host star. With such temperatures, survival of life is difficult, however this discovery will definitely pave way for other factors that shall be studied which play a crucial role in the formation of such kind of planets.

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