Proposed US law – Threat to Indian call centres


Introduction of a new codification in US congress poses a threat to call center jobs
in India. It requires the call center employees to acknowledge their location
and grant the customers a right to ask to deport their call to a service agent in

This law has been introduced by the Senator, Sherrod Brown of Ohio. It also
proposes to form a list of public companies that would outsource call center
opportunities. It would also give precedence in federal contracts to the
companies that haven’t shipped these jobs abroad.
A corporate business model has been motivated by the US trade and Tax policy
that curtails operations in Ohio, and helps to ship productions to Reynosa,
Mexico or Wuhan and China.

Openings in call centres are more perilous to offshoring. Vast companies have shut
down their call centers in Ohio and beyond the nation and have transferred
to India or Mexico.
As per Brown, customer service staff are like heartbeat of the companies who
cannot function without them and workers like Renee Rouser of
Youngstown facilitate smooth functioning of the system by coming up with
advanced ideas that help in upgrading their business. Their constant
endeavor needs to be appreciated rather than ruining their careers by
transferring their jobs overseas.

According to a study conducted by the Communications Workers of America,
which is the largest communications and media labor union in the US, US
companies extends its call center jobs to India and Philippines which
happens to be the top most destinations for such job category. American
companies have also paved the way of its call center jobs to other side of the
globe including Egypt, Saudi Arabia, China and Mexico, the study noted.