Robots replace humans in Café in Japan


This year Japan has come up with an innovative idea of serving coffee to its customers via Robots.

The robot named Sawyer is held accountable for carrying out this job effectively. The café is located in shopping district of Shibuya in Tokyo. It is named as Henna café which in Japanese means “strange café”.

The customer first needs to purchase a ticket from a vending machine and show it to the Robot. This one armed robot then scans the ticket and greets the customer and asks, “Would you care for a delicious coffee?” the barista, with a screen showing a pair of cartoon eyes, asks in a flat tone. “I can make one better than human beings around here.”

Not only this, it carries out further steps of grinding coffee beans, adding water to a paper cup. At a time, it can serve 5 customers. A cup of brewed coffee costs 320 yen (USD 3) and takes a few minutes.

It can serve other hot drinks also like cappuccino, hot chocolate and green tea latte.

The cafe operator, travel agency HIS Company, says robots can increase productivity while also entertaining customers.

“An essential point is to increase productivity,” said Masataka Tamaki, general manager of corporate planning at HIS.

There is a requirement of just one person in the café unlike other coffee shops that has a bit more requirement.

Tamaki says it’s not just about efficiency. “We want the robot to entertain customers so it’s not like buying coffee at a vending machine,” he said.

Takeshi Yamamoto, a 68-year-old restaurant employee who works in the neighborhood, says, “It’s quite rich, and tastes very good. You can get machine-made coffee at convenience stores, too, and it’s actually good. But here, I had great fun.”

The customers are more interested in watching robot perform its task efficiently. It’s a new way of holding grip on the customers.