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Man who molested minor girls in elevator caught after a CCTV footage surfaced

With world still reeling under the horrifying incidents of Unnao and Kathua rape cases for the past few months, another shocking CCTV footage surfaced on the internet, showing a pervert molesting two little girls riding in an elevator alone with him.

In the two-minute footage, one can clearly see the young girls and a man entering the elevator in a residential building in Shanxi’s Jiexiu city in central China. As soon as the doors of the elevator shut, the man immediately starts kissing two young girls on their cheeks and lips, one by one. Then comes a moment, when the lift stops and the doors opened, the girls tries to make their way out, but the man boldly restrains them from leaving the lift. He resorts to physically dragging the girls inside the elevator and pins them down onto the floor of the elevator. Moments later, when the elevator reaches the ground floor, he is seen making a quick run out of elevator and letting, the girls go. However, it is unclear whether the girls were found with any physical injuries because of the abuse.

The man identified as a 21-year old local of the area has been identified and finally caught. The breakthrough became possible as the entire footage was caught on the CCTV camera placed inside the elevator.

The video immediately went viral as angered netizens shared it on social media, sparking outrage and the plight of those innocent girls and the rising number of cases of sexual violence against children.

Though the CCTV footage is believed to be from China, these incidents can happen anytime and anywhere, no matter how guarded the surrounding is. Offenders are becoming bolder and even dare to carry out such offense in broad daylight. We live in a dysfunctional society where thousands of children are abused daily either at home, school or at public places in some or the other way. Unfortunately, some children even lose their lives in the process or maimed for life. Moreover, with the alteration of society by rapid socioeconomic and political changes, the physical, emotional and mental abuse of children is increasing on a daily basis with new cases blazing the front pages of newspapers every day. One of the main reasons for prevalence of this epidemic is that such cases are not reported often and the perpetrators are not punished. Hence, the best way to bring a small change is to report every single ordeal to mass media and the police as soon as it comes to one’s notice.

Parents, child abuse is a widespread war against your children and you have the power to stop it. Firstly, extend your support and love to your child whenever you come to know that your child has been sexually abused. The support you can provide is invaluable and may help your child in recovering from the trauma he/she has been subjected. Secondly, never ever judge your child that led to this suffering. It may worsen the situation leaving him or her isolated with no one to help, support and protect. Lastly, never hesitate to report the matter to the police or media. This may help your child in rebuilding his/her confidence and induce a sense of assurance of not being left in danger of further abuse.

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