Space Elevator: On a Testing Phase in Japan

space elevator japan
Illustration of different model

Japan is always on the verge of innovation. It visualizes the idea based on a unique concept and works diligently to execute it. Having a Space Elevator is one such plan to be executed. If this happens, it would fulfil dreams of many who wish to go on an outer space expedition.

A team based in Japan is under the process of testing a space elevator prototype near the International Space Station (ISS). ISS shall deploy two ultra-small cubic satellites. Both are connected by a steel cable roughly 10m long, which will run a sort of elevator car between the two using a motor. A camera shall be attached to each satellite to document the progress of the car and supervise the experiment in space.

The idea of Space Elevator was first incepted in 1895 by Russian scientist Konstantin Tsiolkovsky after he saw the Eiffel Tower. Since then, this idea has been in use in various science fiction. Apart from this, other scientists and space engineers have also been finding ways to convert this dream like concept into a fun filled amazing reality. A cable, hundreds of thousand kilometres long and made from an ultra-strong material not yet discovered would be dropped to the planet, where it would be affixed. There will be customized elevator climbers that shall carry humans or cargo from Earth to the Space at a price much cheaper than a rocket tour. Earth’s gravity and centripetal force exerted by the motion of the object shall prevent it from crashing down to the earth.

The date for launching this experiment from Japan’s Tanegashima Space Center to ISS is scheduled for September 11. However, it shall just be the beginning. The experiment may face hurdles like electricity supply to the elevator, sturdy material capable enough to hold the mechanical stress. There is still a long way to go through all this but definitely the trial process shall be on the active mode till reality is achieved.

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